Phoenix IT has more than 3 years of experience working with IT security, Web development projects, custom software development, and technical support.

You can see some of our references by clicking here. We have also been recognized on AT&T’s official bug bounty program as a top 10 security researcher.

If you want to improve your IT security, you can hire us to test your security and get a full detailed risk assessment.

Rent programmers online
You can also hire programmers to develop custom made software. Got an idea on how you want it to be? We can help from idea creation to development and launching phase.

Rent a digital system administrator online
We can help with setting up your new server. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dedicated server or a virtual private server (VPS). We can help with security and reduce the number of bruteforce attempts on your local services such as ssh.

With a digital system administrator you have your very own system administrator who works for you. He will do all the work you need done, and the great thing is you decide how often you need him. Our digital system administrators can help you do backup, update your server environment and install/setup new services for you, such as mysql, intrusion prevention systems and more.