Learn more about the solutions and services Phoenix IT offers.

Domain Registration / Transfer

Register your domain and server directly through Phoenix IT. By contacting us we can help you register your new domain name. We also offer additional domain services such as setup of whois protection, installation of SSL certificates, domain transfer. Contact us to hear more.

Server installation / updates

We can help you install your new server in no time. We are experienced in setting up and updating Windows and Linux operated servers. Contact us today to hear more.

Web Administrator Tasks

We here at Phoenix IT know our way around web based technology. We can assist you in setting up your new web application. We can also help you upgrade your current web application and fix errors for you as well as doing custom addons. But that’s not all. We can also help with creating new and unique content for your site and do all kinds of other webmaster related tasks. Contact us to hear more.

Python Programming

Our team of developers are ready to help you with your Python project. Our developers has more than 3 years of experience in programming graphical user interface and client based Python projects. Contact us to hear more.

Web based programming

We here at Phoenix IT offers custom made web applications to fit your needs. Contact us today to talk about your project. We offer custom made web applications as well as updating and creating new features for excisting web applications.

IT Security

Phoenix IT has been working with IT security for more than 3 years. We have helped improve security for companies and organizations such as but not limited to: Google, Yahoo, AT&T, US Department of Defence, Starbucks. We offer companies and organizations around the globe to help test and improve their security. Contact us to hear more about what we can do for you.

Rent a system administrator online

With our Digital System Administrator (DSA) program, we can offer you to rent a system administrator online on a hourly basis. You decide how many hours, when the work should be performed and we will get the job done for you. Contact us to hear more.


We offer high quality hosting solutions with 99.9% uptime. Choose the hosting plan that fit your needs together with us and we will find the best solution on the market. Choose between Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server. Contact us to hear more.

SMM – Social Media Marketing

We can help with everything from creating graphical content for your social media marketing campaign to collecting leads for you and measuring the effects of your campaign. Contact us to hear more.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Our team are experienced in doing search engine optimization onsite and offsite. We can help you beat your competitors and rank your company higher on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuck Go. Contact us to hear more.